Leader Information

Edmund Rice Camps Auckland relies on the generosity of our many volunteers who donate their time to volunteer on our camp programmes. Our volunteers are people who give their time freely to provide the necessary energy, care, compassion and enthusiasm required to engage and entertain the young people we care for.

At Edmund Rice Camps Auckland, we look for quality leaders with the following characteristics:

  • Openness and willingness to learn and grow as a person
  • Passionate about the Edmund Rice ethos
  • Able to relate and work with children
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and ability
  • Displays ethical and professional conduct at all times
  • Cooperates well and is able to contribute positively in a team
  • Exhibits healthy interpersonal and relational skills
  • Shows initiative and the capacity to problem solve
  • Demonstrates common sense and is able to make balanced decisions

Application Process:

Applications for our camps open around two months before the start of camp and are open for a few weeks. Once applications have been submitted, they will be reviewed by our Camp Captains who will then be in touch to answer any questions or concerns you have and offer you a place on camp if you’re suitable. The camp captains will also be continually in touch with you in the weeks leading up to camp to make sure you’re ready to go come the first day of camp!

The first day of camp is Leader’s Day – where we go over our camp procedures but most importantly, give you a chance to get to know and bond with your fellow leaders.

There are three mandatory requirements that we have for all leaders volunteering on an Edmund Rice Camp:

  • The volunteer must be aged between 17-25 years old
  • The volunteer must be willing to complete a short training session prior to camp
  • The volunteer must agree to and pass a police vetting

If you’d be keen to come on as a leader, you can join our mailing list below to get updates about our events and future camp applications.

Applications for our upcoming January Camps can be found here

Leader Training:

There are two modules that must be completed by all leaders within with the past two years prior to their attendance on an Edmund Rice Camp. These modules are:

1. Child Protection Training (Run by Edmund Rice Camps)

2. BodySafe Training (Run by Rape Prevention Education)

Leaders wishing to step up and take on roles with higher responsibility must take up further training.These include:

3. Team Captain Training (Run by the Camp Captains)

4. Camp Captain Training (Run by Edmund Rice Camps)

Mailing List:

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